'71 VW Baja Bug Project

These are the most recent pictures of my funny little project car. I have quite a bit of experience with this car since I've literally taken it all the way apart. If you have a similar project and need some advice, use the e-mail form on the front page to send me an e-mail. One of these days I may write a few tech articles...but there are already a lot of good ones out there. The rec.autos.makers.vw.aircooled (RAMVA) newsgroup is also good to search for solutions.

The most recent pictures of my project car, a '71 VW baja bug. These are from 3 summers ago ('02). Pictures are here.

I have pictures of this most recent work tentatively posted here. This album may not function properly in some cases. Two summers ago ('03) I pulled the body off the car (again) and did a TON of work replacing the bottoms of the heater channels and other heavily rusted parts of the body. I've gotten very good with the mig welder and the grinder, though. :-P I also raised the front suspension, did some much needed maintenance on it, and fabricated rebound stops. As far as engine work, I switched back to a vacuum advance distributor--contrary to popular belief, a fully centrifugal advance distributor (i.e. the 009) is not the best distributor for all VWs, especially cars driven on the street that aren't operating at high RPMs all the time. I did a front end alignment after driving it for a couple of days, as it was wandering all over the place and the darn steering wheel wasn't centered. ;-) I drove the car for about a month at the end of summer. I was getting pretty good with the clutch by the time school started.

Here are some more pictures of the same car, they're...I don't remember exactly...probably about 5-6 years old by now...it's hard to imagine I've had it that long.