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This is what's posted here right now:

My latest project is rebuilding a small block Ford V8 (302/5.0L). Pictures are here. Started May 12, 2012...we'll see how long it takes to finish. I'm hoping for about a month.

Scandalous Pictures are now on a separate page. The main page was getting too cluttered. I've also moved out of the stone age and have begun using some nifty image management software. A bunch more pictures can be found here.

VW Baja Bug Project Stuff is also on a separate page to facilitate unclutteredness (I sold this car in 2010 and bought a motorcycle, but I'm keeping the pictures up for posterity).

Something remotely resembling a blog. It is not regularly updated:

About Me: I work for the Physics Department at the University of Washington. I develop custom administrative applications in C# and support the department's Windows infrastructure.